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Let the stress and tension melt away

Willow Wellness Collaborative provides expert massage therapy that takes into account your particular needs. Whether you have a specific muscle bugging you or you just feel tension all over, we will approach your session as a time to focus on what YOU need, and we will use our expertise to approach each issue knowledgeably.

When you pair a sauna session with your massage, your muscles are softened and warmed before the massage even starts, making our work more effective. Tension and knots across the muscles made more pliable and easier to release with steady, soothing massage. Together, the impact is deep and improves muscle tension, joint pain, and relaxes a stressed-out nervous system.

3 major benefits

Pain Relief

Releasing tight spots helps to stop those muscles from painfully compressing joints or pulling on your back. It allows places that have been in spasm to finally relax and cease to be a source of pain.

Better Mobility

Stiffness creeps up on us, making it harder to bend over or stand up, or do anything the way we used to. Softening muscles helps them move and glide the way they're supposed to, allowing for more free and easy movement.

Injury Prevention

Chronic tension can aggravate tendons, and nerves, and pull on bones. Giving your body relief from that tension prevents future problems like throwing your back out, nerve pinches, tendonitis and lots more.

Take advantage of this offer to give yourself a total body reset.

You'll love how you feel after a sauna session and a massage.

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