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A traditional massage. From working on pain and tension, to focusing on soothing and relaxing, this session will be tailored to suit your needs.

A massage with a blend of acupressure, craniosacral techniques for soothing the nervous system, and attentive care with an intuition-led focus.

Relaxing half-hour sauna sessions are available, as well as sauna and massage combo sessions which start with warming you in the sauna and end with massaging out your softened muscles.

A massage tailored to the needs of a pregnant body. Laying on your side you will be bolstered with lots of fluffy pillows while your tension is massaged away.

A massage focused on the needs of minors. Whether we are working on a young athlete or a little one with anxiety, we care about crafting a session that looks right for your child.

A light touch therapy using sweeping motions that helps move lymphatic fluid more quickly through the body. Good for managing edema, bloating/swelling, or post-surgical recovery.

A gentle therapy for softening and normalizing tight, prickly, or otherwise troublesome scar tissue. Good for any scar 10 weeks old to decades old.

For those who need a combination of at least two of these three therapies: therapeutic massage, lymph drainage, scar tissue release.

A fully-clothed movement-based therapy aimed at addressing serious chronic pain and mobility issues.

Other pampering or seasonal options. Check here for something different and new!


Excellence in massage starts with knowledgable people. Our massage therapists are fully licensed and always learning to improve their craft.

Whether you need extra pillows and bolsters, or you need us to skip your ticklish feet, we are happy to adapt to make you comfortable and cared for.

Each session is crafted to address your particular problems or goals. Whether ithe problem is sciatica or stress, tennis elbow or tension, we've got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

Massage should really only ever feel good with the occasional foray into the "good hurt" territory. Anything more than that is too much and you can simply tell your massage therapist that. Some light soreness after is normal, but if you feel serious soreness, then you can ask that the massage therapist use a lighter touch next time. Everyone is different and every session is different, so communication is key. Also, working out serious tension is far more likely to cause soreness than a session focused on soothing.​

If you specifically book a Rapid NFR session, however, please note that it is a different way of working the body and does involve some pain.

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Will I have to take my clothes off?

Not if you don't want to! You can take off or leave on as much as is comfortable for you. Just know that you will be covered in a sheet and blanket everywhere except where the massage therapist is actively working, so you should never feel exposed.​ The most common amount of undressing is to either take everything off or just leave underwear bottoms on. ​

Please note that Rapid NFR is done as a fully clothed therapy.

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Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept insurance at this time. If you would like to try submitting a receipt for reimbursement to your insurance provider, let us know and we can provide you with a more detailed receipt for submission.

If you have an HSA or FSA account, you can use those with us! Just make sure that massage therapy is an approved expense and that you meet all requirements your particular HSA/FSA has for reimbursement.

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Our Team

Shelby Mollitor, LMT


Shelby is intentional about crafting a massage experience that not only impacts a person's body but also connects with their energy and emotions.

Her gentle style, influenced by acupressure, myofascial release, and kinesiology, seeks to create a non-painful path to relief and deep relaxation.

Crystal Hicks-Parker, LMT


Crystal is experienced in working with injuries to speed healing and support the whole body's balance as you recover.

She is also passionate about working with athletes and the particular needs they have for deep tissue work, workout recovery, balanced muscle functioning and more.

Kari Bechtel-Unekis, LMT


Kari enjoys addressing acute and chronic pain issues. Using slow, assessing strokes, she may use gentle stretching, movement, trigger point therapy, or even address swelling or scar tissue restrictions.

She is skilled in working with scar tissue and using lymph drainage for edema and post-surgical recovery.

Blog & Articles

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The Benefits of Castor Oil Packs

October 01, 20234 min read

In the world of natural remedies, castor oil has been used since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians used it for treating skin conditions. Ayurvedic medicine uses it to aid digestion and treat constipation. Traditional Chinese medicine uses it as a detoxifier. The Yoruba culture uses castor oil as an aid for digestion as well, and for treating skin conditions. Most of these cultures have overlapping uses of castor oil, and we can see a pattern emerge that gives us a pretty good idea of what castor oil is good at!

(Though some uses have you take it internally, you have to be careful as it can cause diarrhea, dehydration, and abdominal cramps if too much is taken, so only take it internally with a medical professional's guidance.)

One of the most popular and effective ways to harness its power is through the use of castor oil packs. These packs have been used for centuries and are renowned for their healing properties.

What is a Castor Oil Pack?

A castor oil pack is a simple yet potent natural therapy that involves applying a cloth soaked in castor oil to a specific area of the body. Typically, a piece of flannel or cotton is saturated with high-quality, cold-pressed castor oil. This oil-soaked cloth is then placed on the skin and covered with a plastic sheet or plastic wrap to prevent oil from staining your clothing or bedsheets. Then a heating element is applied over top of those layers. Though effective, that method can be a bit messy, so here we will work with an alternate method which has a lower likelihood of getting castor oil everywhere. This cleaner method simply involves rubbing castor oil onto the skin, placing a warm, damp cloth over top, and then applying a heating element like a heating pad or a hot water bottle.

How Do Castor Oil Packs Work?

Castor oil packs are believed to work through several mechanisms:

  1. Stimulation of Blood Circulation: The warm castor oil and the gentle pressure of the pack improve blood circulation to the area where it is applied. This increased blood flow can aid in the delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products from the tissues.

  2. Detoxification: Castor oil packs are thought to support the body's detoxification processes by enhancing the lymphatic system's function. This helps the body eliminate toxins and waste products more efficiently.

  3. Reduction of Inflammation: Castor oil contains compounds with anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation and alleviate pain when applied topically.

  4. Relaxation: The soothing warmth of the pack can promote relaxation and reduce stress, which can indirectly support overall well-being.

Benefits of Using Castor Oil Packs

  1. Pain Relief: Castor oil packs are often used to alleviate various types of pain, including menstrual cramps, joint pain, and muscle aches. The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil can provide relief from inflammation-related discomfort.

  2. Digestive Health: Applying a castor oil pack over the abdomen can promote better digestion and ease symptoms of constipation by stimulating the gastrointestinal tract.

  3. Liver Support: Castor oil packs are known for their detoxifying effects on the liver. Regular use can help support liver function and aid in the removal of toxins from the body.

  4. Skin Health: Some people use castor oil packs to improve the appearance of their skin. The oil's moisturizing properties can hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

red rubber hot water bottle laying on white sheets

How to Use a Castor Oil Pack

Using a castor oil pack is easy and can be done at home. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Materials Needed:

  • High-quality castor oil

  • Warm, damp hand towel (that you don't mind oil staining)

  • Hot water bottle or heating pad


  1. Rub castor oil onto your skin in an area no larger than the hand towel you have.

  2. Place the damp towel over the oiled area.

  3. Apply a hot water bottle or a heating pad to warm the area.

  4. Get cozy and enjoy soaking the oil in for 20 min to an hour!

  5. When you remove the pack, use the damp towel to wipe off any excess oil that did not get absorbed.

Please note: As with any natural therapy, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.

Super-charge the impact of the castor oil pack!

Looking to get the biggest benefit of the castor oil pack?

Maybe you have a very sore back,

or you know you have a lot of inflammation in your body,

or you need something that will help relieve your pain.

Pairing a castor oil pack with a massage is an EXCELLENT way to boost the impact of the castor oil pack. The oil gets absorbed into the skin and then the massage works it deep into the tissues and helps the anti-inflammatories do their wonderful work in the muscles and connective tissues. It takes an already softened up area and smooths, soothes, and relaxes and helps move waste out of the worked tissue. You would be surprised to see how much a massage can help your body feel better, move easier, and relax well. When combined with the properties of the castor oil, and the heat of the hot water bottle, you'll find yourself feeling amazing after a castor oil pack massage!

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